Thursday, January 12, 2012

A happy coincidence (in which I westie to country music.)

So our local weekly swing dance is at a country bar. Because they have a lot of line dancing and country dancing, they have a real dance floor, which is pretty sweet.  Also they have half priced burgers and beers before 9 on Wednesdays, which just happens to be our local swing night.  This is also pretty sweet.  The happy hour special was in place before Wednesday became swing dance night, but they've kept it in place despite the now-much-larger crowd that's in there mid-week.  By whatever alchemy, our group and this venue have hit a sweet spot, where the dancers buy a lot of food and drinks, and we get to have a weekly venue at a bar and not a studio, and it has a real dance floor.  And the venue management likes having us there.  Win all around.

But the bar does have a crowd of regulars, and it's in a not-unpopular area of town, pretty near campus, so there's always a steady subpopulation on Wednesday nights that's not there for the swing dancing.

Last night, a couple of instructors from a local dance studio randomly walked into the bar to have a beer, near when our music was ending, though they danced to the tail end of it. After the swing music ended, the bartender put the country music back on, and played a song at my request:

And I asked the ballroom instructor to dance, and we Westie'd the shit out of that song, which I'd been wanting to do for a while.  Happy face.  :)

We danced one more song, and he asked me if I'd done modern dance or anything.  I laughed and said no, because swing is the only dance training I have, and, let's be serious, I rarely get mistaken for someone who's had any formal dance training.

"You're so free and creative though," he said.

"That's the lindy hop."

happy face.

The studio instructors said they're gonna come back next week! Cross-pollination for the win!

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