Saturday, January 7, 2012

Dance goals in 2012

So, just recently saw a facebook post about "what are your dance goals in 2012?" which was quickly deleted, so I didn't end up posting there, but I figure this definitely fits in the category of "what my blog is for."

So without further ado, cla dance goals 2012:

- Learn the Big Apple properly.
- and the Tranky Doo.  (I am terribly envious of people who can be all like, "Tranky... done.")
- Any other solo routine I can get my paws on. (not a good goal, not terribly distinct.)
- Compete in at least 1 solo jazz contest
- Compete in at least one solo blues contest
- Choreo a whole solo routine (to a song), jazz or blues, and perform it someplace in front of real people  Our local monthly dance counts. My living room, not so much.
- improve my personal "quality of movement" so that I look somewhat less like an uptight dork, and somewhat more like an actual dancer.
- better swingouts, always.

Also.. When the stars align, and it's 3 am, and I'm dancing with a friend, and wearing shoes I like, and listening to music I really dig, and it's not too hot and not too cold (all you need is a light jacket), and I know the person likes dancing with me.... ..... sometimes... I feel awesome. And I think I probably look kind of awesome.  But there are no pictures or video of this unicorn. And I know I don't dance like that all the time.  In 2012, I would like to expand my comfort zone and dance like that, inhabit my potential awesomeness more of the time.

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