Wednesday, October 19, 2011

"Parrot Cat"

So the name of the blog...

So this is the natural state of my cat, perched on my shoulder:

It's just her thing, wallowing all over me.  I can't imagine a cat that did not so this to me. What would be the point? 

Nothing after the jump but more pictures of my cat.  But, on the plus side, more adorable pictures of my cat! 

Obviously, none of these are good pictures of me.  

But that's not really the point, right?

I think roughly 100% of all the "photo booth" pictures on my laptop include my cat.  I don't think there are any that dont.  

So anyway, there's the gist.  Parrot Cat is one of her nicknames.  

Her actual name is Fiesty.  Because she has been known to bite.  She bit nearly through my hand once, actually.  Which is not to say she doesn't follow me around the house, making sure she's within 6 feet of me at all times.  She does. But she's a neurotic little codependent.

But she lurves me.   Love you, too, Parrot Cat. 

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